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Old Starehian Society

OSS chairAbout O.S.S.
The Old Starehean Society is an international network of Old Stareheans providing global leadership in social and economic transformation, providing selfless and exemplary service to our key stakeholders.
The Society was founded in 1970 with the mandate of bringing together old Stareheans to ultimately provide resources to Starehe Boys’ Centre to enable it provide quality education to needy boys in Kenya. The OSS therefore exists to keep the Old Boys together and mobilize resources to serve the school.
To be the leading, vibrant and self reliant alumni in the world.
Our mission is to positively influence the running of Starehe Boys’ Centre and School so that the dreams of founder members are immortalized and values on which the Centre was founded are preserved. We shall achieve this mission by providing vibrant leadership, empowering the Old Stareheans economically and socially and inspiring excellence. We shall endeavour to transform lives across the ranks within the society through selfless service.
Some of the Old Starehean Society’s activities   include:
Careers Fair
The objectives include but not limited to the following:

  • To empower college bound students to be able to cope with newer challenges and freedom, by teaching them valuable life skills plus help reinforce positive values.
  • Stage Career Clinics from which they will be able to get information about entry requirements, qualifications and attainment of skills, professional training and advancement in careers of their choice.

In the day’s program, the clinics are staged in three sessions in the afternoon. Each session takes 40 minutes during which time the students are given information about the particular career (30 Minutes), with about 10 minutes left at the end for the facilitators to answer questions. Each participant is able to attend at least three clinics of their choosing.

Dinner Dance
This is an annual socialization event held on the last Friday of third term. There is normally a guest speaker, the director and a few representatives from the school, including some students and old boys from all walks of life.
It is the final event in the the year.

Medics’  Day
Medics’ day is held in conjunction with the school. Some of the activities     involved are:

  • Health Awareness talks where the doctors give first hand information to      students concerning different health issues
  • Free Screening and medical consultations
  • Immunization against Hepatitis B and other diseases.
  • Talks on the Medical Profession

The event is normally held on first term just after form ones report to school.
A follow up of the immunization exercise is normally done about six months after the Medics Day.

Annual Golf Tournament
The Annual Golf Tournament is a fund-raising event for Starehe Boys’ Centre, normally held in the month of May. It is a charity event.

Sheikh Cup/ Reunion/ Griffin Memorial
These events are all held on the same Sunday in the month of June

Sheikh Cup is a traditional Soccer Match between the old boys and the current students. It is a bonding event that brings together old boys and current boys in a more personal way.

The Reunion is an informal reunion/homecoming for old boys of all strata of age groups. The old boys get to reunite with their old classmates, year-mates,        house-mates, etc. They get to share their experiences during their time in school with the current boys, at a very personal level.

Griffin Memorial is a special service dedicated to the founders of the School. It is a multi-denominational service that is held in memory of the founders in the school chapel.

This is a monthly event that is held on the last Thursday of every month at Parklands Sports Club in Nairobi. It brings together all old boys for the purposes of     socializing, networking and having the old boy version of the Baraza, to discuss issues affecting old boys and the school in general.

The OSS also facilitates other activities such as

  • Mentorship Program
  • The Job Search scheme
  • Fund-raising for Starehe by working with the wider donor world through like minded organizations e.g. The Starehe Future Appeal and the Griffin Memorial Endowment Trust.

Membership categories within the OSS include

  • Ordinary Membership
  • Honorary Membership
  • Life Membership

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