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Secondary School

Admission to Secondary School

The homelike quality of our school contributes to a relaxed, focused experience for the child. Our indoor classroom activities are placed on open shelves for selection as interest and readiness inspires the child.

Admission to Starehe boys Centre is a rigorous process that aims at ensuring only the most deserving students are admitted.
Primary education in Kenya is presently available to the great majority of children. The course lasts 8 years and ends in a national examination Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE).

At this stage, a large percentage of these children drop out – either because they do not perform well enough to enter one of the comparatively few secondary schools or because, although they have gained good examination results and qualify for places, their families are unable to afford the school fees. This is tragic since such children posses considerable potential, having overcome real, often formidable difficulties to get as far as they have done.

It is boys like these, selected from allover Kenya and drawn from every ethnic background whom Starehe’s mission reaches out to help. Such boys apply to join Starehe using a special form available free of charge, fondly known as the “Yellow Form” that requires a case history  testimony provided by the parents/guardians and supporting evidence from their civil administrator (Chief),minister of religion (Pastor/Priest/Imam) and their Primary School Headteacher.70% of our places are reserved for such boys, being made free to them through sponsorship or endowment.

The remaining 30% of our places are allocated on a fee paying basis to children from financially stable backgrounds who have also obtained excellent passes in the KCPE examination. This achieves a social mixing to normalize the environment, preventing the needy boys from feeling isolated from other strata of society, while providing the much needed peer to peer interaction, motivation and competition. The spirit of brotherhood that has long been the foundation of the centre gives testimony to this integration; during and by the end of the course, no significant difference exists between the two groups.

1. In February/March of every year Class 8 candidates register with the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) for their KCPE examination and select their secondary schools of choice. The candidate MUST select Starehe Boys’ Centre and School (Code No. 400004) as his official first choice of National Secondary School.

2. Application Form. The candidate MUST fill in the application for admission using the Yellow Form. This form is given free of charge by Starehe Boys’ Centre and School .Note that this form is not for sale and it is illegal to pay any cash to obtain it. The form can be collected from the Centre at the main office during working hours or downloaded from the school website If the applicant  is  too far from Nairobi or lacks internet access, please give us your details and we shall send the form to you

3. The yellow form contains guidelines on information needed for both categories of admission to the centre (fee paying or sponsored). The Yellow Form is confidential and all information in it is treated as such.

His family is able to pay fees and understands that all fee payers are charged as per the school’s fee structure. (Note:  About 70 Form 1 places are awarded to such boys who qualify on merit).

4. The Yellow Form MUST be returned to the Centre by 31st July of every year, duly completed with all supporting documents appended as per the requirements.

5. In October/November – the candidates sit for their KCPE Examination.

6. December – Results for KCPE candidates are announced. At this stage the National Selection for Secondary Schools begins.

7. Successful applicants  to Starehe will  be admitted and selected  on the following basis:
a) Fulfillment of all application requirements.
b) Academic Merit (Excellent performance in their KCPE Examination)
c) Level of need based on the Yellow Form filled during application.

At the end of the selection process each year, the list of admitted students is pinned on the school notice board near the main office and invitation letters are sent to all admitted students through their respective Primary Schools.

This is   a poor and needy boy.  His parents and members of his extended family could not afford fees for him in an ordinary secondary school. He deserves to be considered for FREE BOARDING and TUITION at Starehe. (Note: about 180 of Starehe’s Form 1 places are reserved each year for award to disadvantaged boys).


Starehe allows prospective students who are not admitted in the first intake to request for reconsideration of their application provided they have fulfilled all the above conditions. This is based on availability of places that may not have been taken up for many reasons. One should submit their letter of appeal to the Director as soon as the list of admitted students is pinned up.