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School Management

Executive Board

The PatronKibaki

His Excellence Hon. Mwai Kibaki, C.G.H, 3rd President of the Republic of Kenya is the Patron of Starehe Boys’ Centre & School, a position and service he has held since 1969.

Executive Board

The Managing Committee
the Managing Committee has control of affairs of the entire Institution. Their mandate is to oversee governance of the institution and the entire operations of the centre. The Managing Committee appoints members of the Board of Trustees.
The following are Members of the Managing Committee;-

Mr. David Mureithi Chairman
Mr. Waheed Sheikh Member
Sister Jane Soita Member
Mr. Muratha Kinuthia Member
Dr. Isabella Musyoki Kameri Member
Ms. Sarah Ilukku Member
Mr. Mohamed Wehliye Member
Mr. Raymond Rono Member
Mr. Ray Charles Musau Member
Mr. Harry Ndaffa Member
Mr. Josphat Maura Member

The Trustees
The Board of Trustees is appointed by the Managing Committee to take custody of the land, buildings and assets of the Centre.

The following are Members of the Board of Trustees;-

Eng. Patrick Obath              Chairman
Mr. Waheed Sheikh             Member
Mr. George Maina                Member
Mr. Donald Kibera               Member
Mr. Phillip Ole Perrio         Member

School Top Management

The success of Starehe as an institution of excellence is hinged on our dedicated and experienced staff members.

Mr. Maurice Achach
Head of Finance and Administration
Mr. Waithaka
Head of Students' Welfare