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Health Facilities

The health of the Starehe Boys is catered for by the staff in charge. The school  works in collaboration with the Nairobi Hospital and the Kenyatta National Hospital. These hospitals have given continued support to Starehe Boys’ Centre and actually do give priority to Starehe Student.dispensary

The school has a clinic where the boys are attended. Though not very well equipped, the clinic has been sufficient for the boys and the staff. Just as most of the other parts of the school, the clinic is run and managed by the boys (the cadets) who normally do the cleaning job, filing of records and serving the patients.

On average, there are hardly any serious health cases in the school.  Incase of such cases, the affected students or staff are referred to either the Nairobi Hospital or the  Kenyatta National Hospital.


The School would like to greatly appreciate the association of medical students and practitioners of Starehe who have continually offered support to our school, especially the annual medical check-up and immunization of the Form 1 students, not to mention their active participation in the careers fares.

The School can’t also forget the Nairobi Hospital and Kenyatta Hospital who not only support but also give priority to the Boys.

Starehe is proud of you!