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Of our approximately 1000 boys, 70% rely upon Starehe for food, accommodation, health and educational needs. For this purpose, the Dr. Griffin Memorial Endowment Trust Fund was established by the Managing Committee in June 2009 in commemoration of Dr. Geoffrey Griffin’s good work in Kenya and  to ensure that the future of Starehe is secured.. This came to fruition in June 2009 when the President presided over the event at the Nairobi’s State House grounds.

An endowment is an amount of money that is put in a bank account, so that interest accruing from it can be withdrawn to carter for a boy’s needs in school throughout the four years of stsupportudy. If every boy is endowed, Starehe Boys’ Centre and School guarantees a free place for all admitted boys forever!

GMET will invest the funds raised .The income that accrues from those investments will be used to pay for the education and care of boys at Starehe. The capital sum will never be used hence ensuring sustainability; an endowment is perpetual.

It costs Kshs 1,000,000 to place an endowment for a boy for the four years. GMET’s main target is to create endowments, so that Starehe can always care and provide for needy children.
This is a venture to be pursued by all, for the future of the school lies there in! Bravo to all our supporters worldwide.

Inspiring Remarkable Changes StareheFuture supports bright but impoverished children, educates them to an exceptionally high standard and changes the face of Kenya by ensuring that leadership and service values are woven into society at every level.

For hundreds of disadvantaged young Kenyans, a free place at the Starehe schools in Nairobi represents a passport out, of poverty and has already reversed the impact of poverty for over 12,000 children in Kenya.
Over the past 50 years your support has made a difference to many lives; we hope you will be inspired to help.There are many ways to support the StareheFuture Appeal – and plenty of opportunities for reward and recognition too.Visit our website for more information or click here to write us an email.