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Partner with Us

For as long as needy children have found solace at Starehe, organizations of goodwill have always offered selfless support. The Starehe fraternity sincerely thanks our well wishers for helping us realize this dream and humbly asks for continued support to sustain the future of Starehe.

While we appreciate support to Starehe in form of monetary value, we know there are gifts that are beyond monetary value.
With this in mind, Starehe has in the recent partnered with individuals and organizations that prefer to give support in terms of sustainable projects and seen the following projects realized:

  1. A new solar powering system has been installed covering 5 major utility units on the home campus including the Dining Hall and evening prep blocks. This will enable the Centre cut on electricity bills substantially. Thanks to Daily Telegraph UK who funded the project.
  2. Renovation of the Music Centre, repair and purchase of musical instruments – The Umbrella Tree Trust.
    Drilling of a new borehole to help solve the recurrent water problem facing Starehe is complete. We now seek funds to remedy the high fluoride content in the water through reverse osmosis.  Thanks to Starehe UK for the support.
  3. Poultry project to supplement students’ diet while making extra income – Chalice (Christian Child Care International) Canada.
    Upcoming construction of a new dormitory to house 160 students, thanks to the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education for support with a grant of KSh. 48 million for infrastructural development in all National High Schools.
  4. Improvement of the ICT Laboratories. Intersol Kenya has generously donated 2 Smart Board sets to facilitate interactive learning.
    Aggrekko Plc graciously donated a modern (210 kv), fuel efficient and environment friendly generator set  to Starehe Boys’ Centre to mitigate the irregularities of electricity supply through a reliable back up energy system.


In-kind donations help fill important needs for the Starehe family. We are grateful to the many donors both individual and corporate who have organized drives or donated goods and services to help secure Starehe’s future. Below is a wish list for Starehe’s needs as it continues to be a substitute family and offer free education to bright and needy boys:

Agricultural project for production of food to offset the Centres expenditure while sustainably generating income.

The school has a clinic where the boys are attended to. Though not very well equipped, the clinic has been sufficient for the boys and the staff. The Centre needs support to renovate and equip the clinic for better delivery of health services.
The Centre wishes to improve its efficiency in the school kitchen through repair, renovation and update of equipment to be energy, labour and time efficient,


The camp at Mombasa South Coast (Likoni) on the entrance to Mombasa Harbor is used extensively in the school vacations by boys who would otherwise have no homes to receive them when school is not in session.
The Centre seeks to renovate the camp.

The school would operate effectively and efficiently in training of ICT/ Computer studies while equipped with at least four (4) computer laboratories each hosting forty (40) Computers, a Smart Board and a printer.

An in-kind donation could also be donating your time or professional services. This could include

  • Mentorship (academic and career).
  • Volunteer Teaching (more information on the volunteer with us page.
  • Guidance and Counseling.
  • Professional Services (For over 2 decades, Planning Systems Services Ltd has offered infrastructural project management and support to Starehe Boys’ Centre)

Please talk to us through the Director’s office on on how you and your organization can share in Starehe’s dream of growing from strength to strength ,being able to give opportunities to boys in need while giving them holistic education in character formation, leadership and spiritual maturity.