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Sponsor a Student

At any one time, 70% 0f our approximately 1000 boys rely upon Starehe for food, accommodation, health and educational needs. To be a substitute family and offer free education, Starehe needs funds and, for a long time, it has relied mainly on supporters to perform its mission. The bridge that enables us to create schools within a home is the Sponsorship Scheme.

Most of our needy boys owe their free places to kindness of sponsors, whether individuals or groups, who pay the costs of the boys’ care and education and at the same ,so far as they are able or wish to do so, take a personal interest in their progress.

The cost of tuition sponsorship and boarding upkeep for a boy is KES 140,000.00 per year. This amount can be affected by inflation and exchange rates but is GBP 1,090.00 or US 1,700.00.Partial sponsorships are also welcome (which means that a boy may be ‘shared’ by several sponsors).
Interested sponsors are provided with the case history of a boy  awaiting sponsorship and are kept informed of his progress and may correspond with him (or visit him if they are in Kenya).Through the years, Starehe has experienced and witnessed these relationships transcending barriers of race and culture, space and time.

The following are important practical aspects of the scheme:

Boys Names and Numbers
When writing to us about a boy, or when addressing a letter to the boy himself, please give us his Student Number as well as his name. This is necessary because there are often several boys with the same name.

Letters, Gifts and Pocket Money
Letters to boys should be addressed
C/o Starehe Boys Centre and School
General Waruinge Street
P.O. Box 30178-00100

Please bear in mind that April, August and November/December are holidays on the school calendar and the students may be on holiday jobs or visiting family at home –so will not receive their letters until they return to the Centre.

Clearance through customs is a very involving and sometimes financially consuming issue. Sponsors are urged not to send presents through the post but to remit money by cheque or transfer to the Centre. The Sponsorship Officers in the Sponsorship Department will confirm receipt and then arrange for the required present to be bought locally and be given to the boy.

Sponsors are also urged not to send pocket money directly to the boys. If sent by cheque to the Centre, money will be properly receipted, placed in a special account, and be issued to the boy at regular intervals.