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Thanksgiving Memorial and Prayer Day

On 26 June 2016, we held what I think was an excellent Thanksgiving Memorial and Prayer Day which was appropriately themed “Starehe Reloaded: Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.” This theme spoke to the delicate balance we have to achieve: sustain ourselves in the present as we focus our every being on a brighter future.

The team of Adeleine Muthiani, Rev. Josephat Wangoto, Fr. Godfrey Odunga, Robert Mwangi, Pst. Fred Akama, Kennedy Miruka, Bakari Mungumi Chongwa and Dan Angima brought out what it means to serve wholeheartedly as if you are serving God, not men. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude best demonstrated by our own commitment to sacrifice and wholehearted service.

As I mentioned in my remarks, my desire is to bring every Alumni back to Starehe to inspire their younger brothers, to see how the traditions of Starehe are being maintained, or not, and to see the evident need and make a personal commitment to help.

We saw this in Joseph Hellon’s participation. He was able to share his personal transformation, in very practical and I must say exceptional performance. He immediately made both an impact on the students and a commitment to refurbish and equip the Music Room. This is why we want a vibrant Alumni. We know that there is excellence out there and we want to bring it back to Starehe. Dr. Griffin brought the greats of the world to come and inspire us; let us bring the great in Alumni to come and inspire the current students and fellow Alumni. And I know there is greatness in each of us.

I am very clear to all in the Schools that when Alumni do come back, they do so with alert eyes, ears, noses and memories which define the standard of what to expect. I was gratified to hear from a number of Alumni that the School is not in the crisis that we sometimes make out in our conversations on social media. But I am also very aware of the things that we all observed that need greater attention. Ours is to pay attention to the essential details and to do all that we can, each according to their means and together as a formidable force, to keep the good name of Starehe. That name is borne of character and performance that reflects service, excellence, accountability, leadership and sacrifice.

During the Thanksgiving Memorial and Prayer Day, we celebrated the lives of men and women who founded Starehe or have served in Starehe, who never focused on the grievances that they may have had a right to dwell on. Instead, they chose the path of leadership and transformation. Let us continue to honour them by following in their path. Let us truly be ‘A Starehe fraternity leading and transforming lives.’

Best regards
Josphat Mwaura
Chairman, Old Starehian Society.

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